Owned by the Guinness family and made even more famous by Ragnar Lothbrok as Kattegat village.

Lough Tay is a small but scenic lake set on private property owned by the Guinness family in the Wicklow mountains. The lake lies between the mountains of Djouce and Luggala, and is dominated by Luggala’s east-facing granite cliffs. Along with Glendalough, Lough Tay is one of the most photographed locations in Wicklow. The lake shore is white sand which was imported by the Guinness family. The dark waters of the lake with this white sand at the top makes the lake look like a pint of Guinness.


Good To Know

  • Lough Tay itself is on private property and cannot be visited.
  • The private lake shore is not accessible to the general public.


The best lookout points are from the car parks along the R759 Road. The short hike to the JB Malone memorial stone, part of the trail to the summit of Djouce mountain, provides an alternative and less crowded beauty spot.

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