Visit the Book of Kells and the Long Room, one of the world’s most photographed libraries.

Discover Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s oldest university, founded by Queen Elisabeth I in 1592.
Trinity College Dublin was created by royal charter in 1592 and modelled after the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Originally lying some distance east of the walled city, on the site of the former Priory of All Hallows, Trinity College is now in the heart of Dublin, opposite the historic Parliament House.

Ireland’s highest ranked university, Trinity College is also one of Dublin’s most popular visitor attractions, due in equal measure to its history and stunning architecture.

The main entrance at College Green boasts a magnificent front arch and wooden doorway. As you emerge from it, the cobbled Parliament Square opens out before you with the Campanile, or bell tower, in the centre, flanked by stone buildings featuring arched doorways and Doric columns. Amongst them is the Old Library Building, home to the Book of Kells, one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures. Learn all about the famous medieval manuscript handcrafted over 1,000 years ago, witness the book’s exquisite colours and intricate illuminations and then visit the magnificent Long Room, home to 250,000 of Ireland’s oldest books and historical documents.



Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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