A Disneyesque castle perched on the Burren region of Ireland with a murderous and bloody history.

Doonagore Castle is a round 16th century tower house with a small walled enclosure located about 1 km south of the coastal village of Doolin in Clare. Its name may be derived from Dún na Gabhair, meaning “the fort of the rounded hills” or the “fort of the goats”. Doonagore Castle is at present a private holiday home, inaccessible to the public. Doonagore Castle sits on a hill overlooking Doolin Point and, along with a nearby higher radio mast, is used as a navigational point by boats approaching Doolin Pier.

In September 1588 a Spanish Armada ship was wrecked below the castle. 170 survivors were caught by the High Sheriff of Clare, Boetius Clancy, and hanged on a nearby Iron Age barrow near Doolin called Cnocán an Crochaire (Hangman’s Hill).


Good To Know

  • Private land and not open to the public.


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