This incredible megalithic tomb is thought to have the largest capstone in Europe weighing 103 tonnes.

Brownshill Dolmen is a very large megalithic portal tomb situated in Carlow. Its capstone weighs an estimated 150 metric tons and is reputed to be the heaviest in Europe. The tomb is listed as a national monument. Also known as the Kernanstown Cromlech it is sited on the former estate house of the Browne family from which it takes its name. The tomb was built between 4000 and 3000 BC. It is distinguished for the flanking of its burial chamber with two large upright stones (orthostats) supporting the granite capstone (roof) of the chamber. The capstone is thought to have been covered by an earthen mound and a gate stone blocked the entrance. At Brownshill both portal stones and the gate-stone are still in situ; the capstone lies on top of the portals and gate-stone and slopes to the ground away from the entrance. The dolmen has not been excavated. A nearby fourth upright stone stands close by and might be the remains of a forecourt.


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