Find places in Ireland to take great photographs

Location Lookout aims to help all level of photographers, from shutterbugs to the seasoned shooters, find stunning locations to photograph around the beautiful island of Ireland. From dolmens to castles, bridges to lighthouses and all the hidden gems in between. 
Location Lookout is not intended to be a travel blog so it won’t offer advice on the best colour socks to wear to Whest Cork. There are plenty of great blogs doing that already. Location Lookout is more about quick, easy and fast discovery. Think of Location Lookout like a ‘Pinterest for photography places (in Ireland)’. Discover all of the places worth seeing in Ireland, by county or by interest, fast with no fuss.
Location Lookout & Flickr
Many location pages on Location Lookout display thumbnails of public Flickr photos of that particular location. These thumbnails are streamed via keywords or “tags” from Flickr’s public RSS feed. Flickr photos are not hosted or stored on Location Lookout. The thumbnails link directly to the photograph on Flickr where Location Lookout site users can discover and follow great Flickr photographers. Location Lookout has no control over what Flickr photos display in a particular Flickr RSS feed for certain keywords or tags. Photos in a Flickr RSS feed change constantly and photos displayed this month may not be the same next month. To remove your photos from Flickr’s public RSS feeds just navigate to your individual photo page on Flickr then scroll to the bottom of the page and change the “public” dropdown (pictured right) to another option. Flickr were consulted during the development of Location Lookout to ensure no unintended misuse occurred and to ensure all guidelines were met appropriately.
Wanna help?
Location Lookout is in its early days and there are many more places to add. If you can help by finding places, adding places or by giving permission to use photos you’ve taken please get in touch. Or, if you’re a photographer and know of any hidden gems you could Add a Place.

location lookout hq [at] gmail [dot] com

Use the address above…
  • If you see incorrect information on a listing
  • To request an update to a listing (you must have an affiliation to the place to do this)
  • To request removal of content
  • To request removal of a place listing (you must have an affiliation to the place to do this)
Note: Please be polite if you are getting in touch. Location Lookout is a blog, it is not a startup. It is personally funded and built to help photographers find the incredible places to take stunning photographs all across Ireland.